Mini Club

On the one hand, do you want to spend some time on vacation and spend some time on your own, and your children will have a wonderful time? Nico Kids Club,. The widest and safest mini club in the region, from sleeping rooms, gorgeous water parks, movie shows to collective games, where your children aged 0-12 are separated by age groups. While our professional team is having fun and educational activities with your kids throughout the day, you will entertain your holiday and tell each other in the evening dinner.

Petit Club The baby club, which can be used by 01 – 03 year old babies, is designed with every detail in mind. Kitchen equipment required for preparing food, jars, packaged milk and yogurt are available. The baby pool, the baby play room, the change-over room and the sleeping room created a space where they could have a great time. In our baby club we have to stay with the parents’ baby during the activity. There is also a baby-sitter service, which is a fee.

The Mini Club consists of children from 04 to 07 years old. Within this category, they serve children who are often still unaffected by their parents and whose needs are met by their parents. Babysitter is available for a fee.

Midi Club In midi club which was created for children between 08 and 11; games, cinema and video events.

Teenage Club Teenage Club is a game created for children between 12 and 16 years old, with cinema, video, table games, Playstation 4 / Xbox one, billiards, pinball, Teenage disco bar activities.